Tai Chi at Eclectic Ground

 Tai Ji Quan, is an internal Chinese martial art, meditative practice, which uses relatively slow movements to practice breathing, mindfulness as well as self-defense techniques. 

5 Levels of attainment in Tai Chi

  1. Practice physical movement and learn the structural components
  2. Coordinate the movement with relaxation and focused breathing
  3. Understand martial application and body’s energy flow
  4. Observe and direct the Chi (energy) in motion with creative intention
  5. Practice all previous levels with utmost ease - feel as one with everything




TaiChi also known as meditation in motion is a great way to improve your balance, flexibility and meditating skills - all while learning a martial art skill. 

Online Payments & Schedule


Pay online for the class via PayPal go to the main website for Eclectic Ground.



Eclectic Ground offers Tai Chi classes in Littleton (Tai Chi for beginners or advanced students) in an environment where you can explore, grow, learn and have fun - where you can leave stress and tension on the sidewalk, and enter into the joy of the present moment every time you come to class.

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